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World Water Development Report 2018 Nature-based solutions for water

Last modified: 17 September 2016

September 13 and 14, an Inception Workshop on WWDR 2018 was organized at the premises of the WWAP secretariat in Perugia. The workshop was attended by over 30 experts in the field of water with a wide variety of backgrounds such as water resources, economics, environment, social sciences, gender and policy. They acted as representatives for over 23 agencies which will contribute to the WWDR 2018. 

The workshop aimed at receiving inputs from all involved experts in order to discuss on main messages and develop the annotated table of contents of the 2018 report on nature-based solutions, explore options related to the communication campaign and set out a preliminary task distribution among the committed Lead Agencies, Contributing Agencies and other potential actors. This was done through a mix of engaging group brainstorming sessions as well as plenary discussions. The workshop concluded with successful results indicating the way ahead for the production of the WWDR 2018. Furthermore, a new attempt to co-design the report by involving stakeholders (i.e. report users) at early stage of the writing of the report was introduced.

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