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The 2nd Conference on Healthy Rivers and Sustainable Water Resource Management

Last modified: 27 June 2011

The 2nd Conference on Healthy Rivers and Sustainable Water Resource Management will be held in October, 2011 in Chongqing, China. The theme will be on the ecohydrological effect of watershed exploitation and its hydroecological mechanisms. It is believing that the results will provided more detail insights on the research of ecohydrology, and sustainable solutions for water resource management in watershed.




  • Ecological response to the hydrological processes in the watershed and its ecohydrological mechanisms
  • The rules of ecohydrology in watershed and the hydroecological effect of large-scale hydropower projects
  • Sustainable water resource utilization and ecological management in watershed
  • Spatio-temporal distribution of environmental capacity, water pollution control and ecological restoration in watershed.
  • Assessment for healthy rivers and case study



Chongqing University Faculty of Urban Construction & Environmental Engineering, China
Europe Regional Centre for Ecohydrology- under the auspices of UNESCO, Lodz, Poland
Wanzhou Science and Technology Commission, Chongqing, China

To register and for any more information please contact:

  European Regional Centre
for Ecohydrology
of the Polish Academy of Sciences

3, Tylna Str.,
90-364, Lodz, Poland
Phone: (+48) 42 681 70 06
Phone: (+48) 42 681 70 07
Fax: (+48) 42 681 30 69

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