Fundamental and applied researches to support this equilibrium are being developed in the disciplines of ecohydrology, eco-hydraulics, ecological engineering, and social-ecology.

Światowy Dzień Wody / World Water Day

Last modified: 13 April 2011
22 marca 2011, w ramach obchodów Światowego Dnia Wody w siedzibie Europejskiego Regionalnego Centrum Ekohydrologii odbyła się konferencja prasowa pod hasłem "Woda dla miast - odpowiedż na wyzwanie"
Main goals cover: Synthesis of achievements of the SWITCH Project in terms of scientific breakthroughs and implementation, revise key deliverables of SWITCH; presenting progress on SWITCH Cities, discussing spin-off and way forward.
The International Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCO together with the Inland Fisheries Institute and the University of Oslo organizes a series of workshops on hydroacoustics as a tool for ecosystem quality assessment, that is funded from the Polish Norwegian Research Fund.
The International Advance Study Course: "Ecohydrology & Biotechnology for Sustainable Integrated Water Resources Management in HELP Basins" is organized for the representatives of the HELP Basins, including a team composed of one young scientist and one decision makers/practitioner for each HELP basin.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 18-20 November 2009 REGISTRATION FORM
The International Advanced Study Course: “Ecohydrology & Ecosystems Biotechnologies in Water Resources Management” is organized for young scientists, PhD students, practitioners and decision makers. The number of participants will be 15-20 people, and 50% of the participants will be women.
The European Regional Centre for Ecology Polish Academy of Sciences is pleased to announce the European Regional Workshop of IAP Water Programme on "Coupling Surface and Groundwater Researches: A New Step Forwards Towards Water Management", will take place on the 28-30 of September 2006 in Lodz, Poland.
Polish Academy of Sciences and University of Lodz have a great pleasure to invite to the Opening Symposium Of The European Regional Centre For Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCO in Lodz, Poland
date: 15 th – 17 th April, 2009

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