On the 8th of March 2006 in the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, the Director General of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura, and the Minister of Science and High Education of Poland, Michal Sewerynski, signed an agreement on the establishment of the European Regional Centre on Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCO in Lodz, Poland.
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Ecohydrology was definied in a frame of the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP). Ecohydrology is a transdisciplinary and applied science. It uses the understanding of relationships between hydrological and biological processes at the catchment scale to achieve water quality improvement, biodiversity enhancement and sustainable development.
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News and Events
On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committees of the International Symposium “Ecohydrology, Biotechnology and Engineering: Towards Harmony between the Biogeosphere and Society on the basis of Long-Term Ecosystem Research” we would like to express our deep appreciation to all of you for joining the Symposium held from September 17th to 19th , 2013 in Lodz, Poland.
by the EcoSummit 2012 Scientific Committee; EcoSummit 2012, Columbus, Ohio, USA October 5, 2012

I Międzynarodowy Kongres Bioekonomii

Last modified: 15 October 2012
Województwo Łódzkie, organizuje po raz pierwszy Międzynarodowy Kongres Bioekonomii w Łodzi. Kongres odbędzie się w dniu 9 listopada 2012 r. w Łodzi w andel’s Hotel Łódź, ul. Ogrodowa 17.
In issue 350 of "The Parliament Magazine" (11 June 2012) was published material about the innovative technology concerning stormwater retention and purification, which was fundamental for formulation of the Blue-Green Network Concept (page 2-3).

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